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Painting and repainting your home, office or place of business can be a massive undertaking that more than likely will cost a lot of money and disrupt your daily routine. Relying on a trustworthy painting company like Chenal Painting is the best way to avoid frustration and upheaval during painting.

About Chenal Painting Company

Chenal Painting Company differentiates itself from the competition as a family-owned and family-centric business operating out of Little Rock with a service area that covers neighborhoods in the greater Central Arkansas area.  We believe that in employing family values and applying it to our business, we can make every customer a customer for life and develop close-knit relationships with those who choose to partner up with us. We do this by delivering the best possible customer service bolstered by excellent quality workmanship from trained contractors who abide by the PDCA’s code of ethics and safety standards.

Interior & Exterior Painting in Hot Springs, AR

Though we specialize in painting jobs of all sizes and scopes, Chenal Painting also offers carpentry and certain general contracting tasks, outlined below:

  • Interior Painting – As professional painting contractors, our job is to perform the delicate task of interior painting cleanly and safely. Chenal Restoration only uses premium paints that contain low or zero VOC, volatile organic compound, in order to protect you and your loved ones from hazardous chemical fumes and vapors while we work on your property. 
  • Exterior Painting – Instantly brighten up your exteriors with a fresh coat of paint with Chenal Painting. We follow a tried-and-tested painting process to ensure that your exterior paint job is applied meticulously and with care for a great look and finish. First, all old and deteriorating paint will be treated before pressure washing the exteriors in order to clean off any dirt and debris that may cause uneven painting. Areas in need of special care will be filled, patched, and repaired before primer is applied. House paint is applied before we clean up the work area.
  • Commercial Painting – When it comes to commercial painting, we understand that most business owners want the job done as quickly as possible in order to minimize disruption to the workflow and to keep the business running effectively. Chenal Restoration takes care of all painting jobs whether they be large or small in scale, offering painting for warehouses, offices, strip malls, retail storefronts, restaurants, schools, churches, condominiums, and much more. 
  • Cabinet Refinishing – Most contractors steer clear of cabinet refinishing jobs since it is a detail-oriented task and time-consuming as a result. Chenal Painting’s experts are willing to rise to the challenge, transforming your existing cabinetry and making them look even better than the original.
  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal – Popcorn or high texture ceilings used to be all the rage back in the 1930s, and the practice persisted well into the 90s before it finally fell out of fashion. It was a budget-friendly shortcut meant to conceal imperfections in ceilings that would otherwise be visible if the ceiling was completely flat. Its textural quality means that dirt and dust are able to cling through the crevices more easily, leading to a look that isn’t merely dated but also untidy. Bring your home into the future with Chenal Painting and leave the popcorn ceiling where it belongs – in the past and out of sight. 
  • Wallpaper Removal – There’s no other way to put it – Removing wallpaper is a difficult job that’s also messy and frustrating. Let the folks at Chenal Painting get rid of it for you.

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