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Choosing Your Color Scheme

Filling your home with color can be easy, especially if you have a good color scheme in mind already. Whether you are designing your home for the first time or redecorating yet again, the tips below will help you choose the right colors to brighten any room.

1. Select the Primary Color

Choosing Your Color Scheme

What color do you want to be most dominant in the room? Is it blue for a relaxing atmosphere or will you prefer brown for a more rustic look? Whatever vibe you want to create, use the main color to drive it home. Apply it to the focus area of the space or use it to create the biggest pattern. The primary color will be the focal point.

2. Complement with Secondary Colors

The color of your furniture, fixtures, and other accents must blend well with the main color. These secondary colors will brighten your room further and enhance its personality. For the best results, select shades and tints that complement and contrast the main color.

3. Color Wheel to the Rescue

For some people, matching colors comes naturally. But for others, figuring out which colors work well with each other can be a tremendous headache. As a quick solution, whip out the color wheel and use it to pick secondary and accent colors that go together and work well with your primary color.

4. Balance with Neutrals

Implement neutrals to seamlessly blend your primary color with the secondary colors. Shades of gray, brown, and white do wonders for making colorful accents pop throughout the room.

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