Interior, Exterior & Commercial Painting in Little Rock, Conway, & Benton

Our Painting Process in Little Rock & Benton, AR

Painting is a necessary step for any property to look fresh. A beautifully painted home is a source of pride. A well-painted house is also safe from various harmful things in the building. Chenal Painting Company can restore the beauty of your property.

Our painting process is standard and modern. Our highly skilled professional painters utilize the most advanced, superior painting tools and equipment for your project, regardless of scope or size. Our painting process comes with our top priority of satisfying you and getting the very best results.

If you are thinking of painting your building in Little Rock, Maumelle, Jacksonville, North Little Rock, or throughout our AR service area, click here to get a free estimate. Or you can call at 501-830-4050 to learn more about our painting process. 

Painting Process

Chenal Has Superior Painting Process in North Little Rock, Benton & Conway, AR

Interior, exterior, residential, commercial and other painting projects require different methods or processes. Our painting process, though, has some common characteristics:

  • Inspection: This is needed to outline our painting process to determine all necessary moving parts or elements.
  • Painting: After inspection, our painting process gets underway, and we determine necessary coats, difficult-to-paint areas, angles or fixtures, and make sure no spot or area are left uncovered.
  • Finishing: After walls and surfaces and sufficiently covered or coated, finishing is required. This part of our painting process, which includes touch-ups, fully pulls together a painting project's overall look.
Painting Process

Our Interior vs. Exterior Painting Process

Exterior paint projects can be vastly more complicated in scope, surface, equipment needed, coverage, setup, cleanup, etc. Indoors, the elements and weather forecasting aren't the same concern, and our painting process takes on different elements for the two opposite environments.

At Chenal Painting Company, we know exterior paint projects, because our experts are skilled at getting to any hard-to-reach surface or area. We know the unpredictability of weather, how to plan accordingly, and making sure we are properly outfitted for any exterior makeover. Trust Chenal Painting when the job becomes difficult or tricky. We know our painting process inside and out.

How We Put Our Painting Process to Work in Conway, AR

If you need a paint job done in the Little Rock, AR area, these are some of the many reasons to use Chenal Painting Company:

  • Our trained staff and state-of-the-art technology guarantee superior results for your wall's texture, coverage, and quality.
  • Our customers' expectations come first, so please know that we appreciate your feedback and aim to implement your suggestions. We pay attention and work with you to address your issues, needs, and requirements.
  • We understand there is a time limit on finishing or modifying your project. We'll wrap up at the agreed-upon hour and leave you with no mess.
  • Please know that your complete pleasure is our top concern. For what our past clients have to say about how we paint, please read their reviews.

Rely on Chenal For Our Painting Process in Little Rock, AR

Our professional painters are updated and they have the latest and modern equipment to create the best-textured walls. We are determined to satisfy our customers. Our team has vast experience to meet our customers' demands. So, if you want superior painting services, call Chenal Painting today at 501-830-4050 or contact us online to learn more about our painting process.