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Deck Staining in Little Rock, Conway, & Benton, AR

The arrival of warmer weather is the perfect time to freshen up your outdoor space and get your deck ready for relaxation and fun. Deck staining is a crucial step in maintaining the beauty and longevity of your deck while enhancing its overall appeal.

The good news is that Chenal Painting Company offers deck staining services in greater Arkansas. If you're a resident of this area and want to breathe new life into your property’s outdoor deck with professional deck staining service, make sure to reach us. We have the expertise and equipment to handle your deck staining service with precision. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to schedule a staining service.

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Why Stain A Deck?

Your deck is an extension of your home. It's a place where you can unwind, entertain guests, and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, exposure to sunlight, rain, and foot traffic can cause wear and tear over time, leading to fading, discoloration, and deterioration of the wood.

Staining a deck is important because it protects the wood from weather damage like rot, mold, and UV rays, making it last longer. It also makes the wood look better by bringing out its natural beauty and making your outdoor space more attractive. Staining creates a barrier against moisture, which prevents the wood from warping and cracking.

Signs It’s Time to Stain Your Deck

Here are some signs indicating it's time to stain your deck:

  • Fading color or dull appearance from sun exposure
  • Wood feels rough or splinters are forming
  • Water doesn't bead up but soaks into the wood
  • Visible cracks or warping in the deck boards
  • Mildew or mold growth on the surface
  • The stain is peeling or flaking off the wood
  • Increased difficulty in cleaning the deck surface

How Often Should You Stain Your Deck?

The frequency of staining your deck depends on various factors such as weather conditions, the type of stain used, and the level of foot traffic it receives. In general, it's advisable to stain your deck every 2-3 years to maintain its appearance and protect it from wear and tear. Regularly assessing the condition of your deck will help you determine when it's time for a fresh coat of stain to ensure its longevity and visual appeal.

Whom to Contact for Deck Staining?

Regarding deck staining, it's best to contact professionals who specialize in this service. If you reside in Little Rock, Conway, Benton, Jacksonville, Bryant, and other cities nearby, Chenal Painting Company is your go-to for deck staining. We are a family-owned painting company. We have more than 25 years of hands-on experience in this industry.

Whether you need staining services for your deck or fences or painting services for your outdoor shelter, cedar shingles, porches, gutters, doors & windows, or any interior area, we've got you covered.

Our Deck Staing Process

At Chenal Painting Company, we follow a systematic process to ensure the success of your deck staining project. These are:

Assessment: We begin by assessing the condition of your deck. It includes its current stain, any damage, and areas needing repair.

Preparation: Next, we prepare the deck by cleaning it thoroughly by removing dirt, debris, and any old stains or sealant. This ensures the new stain adheres properly.

Staining Application: Then we apply high-quality stain products evenly to the deck surface, and ensure complete coverage and uniform color.

Drying: After staining, we allow sufficient time for the stain to dry thoroughly. The drying time can vary depending on factors like weather conditions and the type of stain used.

Final Inspection: Once the stain has dried, we conduct a final inspection to ensure the quality of the application and address any touch-ups if needed.

Tips To Maintain A Stained Deck

We the experts at Chenal Painting Company have listed some tips for you so that you can maintain your stained deck. These are:

  • Regularly sweep or use a leaf blower to remove debris
  • Clean stains or spills promptly to prevent staining
  • Wash the deck surface with mild soap and water annually
  • Inspect for any damage such as cracks or rot and repair promptly
  • Use furniture pads or mats under heavy objects to prevent scratches
  • Trim nearby vegetation to prevent mold and mildew growth
  • Apply a water-repellent sealant to enhance protection against moisture

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