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Important Considerations For Interior Home Painting

Important Considerations For Interior Home Painting

A home’s interior paint job is perhaps the most important contributing factor to its overall appearance. Although every homeowner has a different level of knowledge and experience when it comes to painting, there are a few common tips of which everyone should be aware so they can be as prepared as possible for the job.

Before any painting begins, it’s important to consider different types of paint finishes. High-gloss paint, for example, is extremely durable and easy to clean. If your wall contains imperfections, however, this type of paint is known to enhance them, so flat paint may be a better option for this type of wall.

Different colors add both depth and texture to a room. If homeowners have not yet decided on a single color (or combination of colors), it never hurts to experiment. If a color or color combination does not turn out as well as initially expected, new colors can always be painted over them.

Because investing in test gallons of paint can often be expensive, many painting companies offer small, affordable sample cans of colors and color combinations. These are highly recommended, as they are very cost-effective and help homeowners make the right decisions ahead of time.

When buying paint, it’s important to know the square footage of the room being painted. Other things must also be considered before the purchase, including the surface being painted, whether or not any walls will be primed and the number of coats of paint required for the job.

Preparatory work is always important. Paint, despite what some may believe, will not hide every imperfection in a wall by itself. Walls should be cleaned thoroughly before being painted, and steps should be taken to make them as flat as possible. Any remaining debris or dust will cause new paint to peel.

Brushwork should always begin in corners before rolling. Rolling after the brushwork is important because it flattens all remaining brushstrokes in the wall and provides an even painting surface.

Rollers can do more for a wall than add paint; using masking tape is highly effective at removing all extra fibers before the painting begins. If not removed, the fibers can become permanently stuck to the wall, so this is a valuable step.

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