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Wallpaper Removal Process Before New Paint in Little Rock, AR

Whether you are planning to paint the walls or install new wallpaper, taking down the old paper is the first thing you have to do. Now, removing wallpaper is a messy and time-consuming task. If you cannot perform the job perfectly, you might end up with more mess than expected. Besides, wallpapers should be removed following certain processes to avoid damage. Professionals follow standard procedures and use the right equipment to remove wallpaper effectively. 

Chenal Painting is your reliable contractor with 25 years of experience in offering quality service to its customers. We offer painting, cabinet refurnishing, and wallpaper removal services in Little Rock, Conway, & Benton, Arkansas.

Effective Wallpaper Removal Process of Chenal Painting

As wallpaper removal specialists, we will carefully remove any remaining glue from the wall. Adhesive that is not fully removed might compromise recently painted surfaces. Before painting, professionals will inspect the wall, prepare that specific area and then follow an effective step-by-step procedure to remove the wallpaper. Standard Wallpaper Removal Processes include -

  • Pick Up the Right Tools
  • Prep Your Space
  • Cut the Power
  • Conduct a Test Patch
  • Steam and Scrape Away
  • Steam Away Pesky Patches, Scrape and Repeat

Following these steps, we make sure that the wallpaper is completely removed and the wall underneath is left smooth. 

Rely on Us for Hassle-free Wallpaper Removal

Chenal painting is a premium painting and wallpaper removal service provider in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our team has been serving clients with excellence for more than 25 years. We make sure your wallpaper removal project is done right the first time without any hidden charges, hassles, or poor quality that are commonly found in painting. Contact us here when you are ready to get started, or call 501-830-4050 or click here to get free estimates