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Cabinet Restoration, Painting and Wallpaper Removal Services in Scott

Whether you want to refinish your kitchen cabinet, paint it, or want wallpaper removal service, for all these, you can solely depend on Chenal Painting. If you live in Scott or nearby areas, please call us at 501-830-4050 for a free estimate and book your services at once.

Wallpaper removal is not easy and can get messy. You probably want an experienced company to do your job that can save both your money and time. Then who else is better than us to strip down your wall of the old, smudged, dirty wallpapers? Yes, you can count on us; we have an expert crew to do the job.

A little work with your cabinet may change the whole look of your place. Yes, cabinetry work is indeed time-consuming, but we are willing to provide you the service. Whether you want to restore your cabinets to their pre-loss condition or want to paint your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, we can do it. 

Cabinet Refinishing Process

Cabinet Restoration Services in Scott

Cabinet finishing may take a few days or so. That's why it is better to cover the floor with plastics and paper not to get ruined. Here are a few things you may expect from us while doing your cabinet refinishing-

  • Sanding- For preparing the cabinet for restoration, we will do the sanding. How much sanding the cabinets requires depends on the material.
  • Priming- Priming is essential for the paint to bond. If the priming is not correctly done, then all the coats of the paint done later would peel off or fall off.
  • Re-Sanding- After the primer coating comes the step of re-sanding. It is delicately done. Sanding won’t take off all the primer coating.
  • Caulking- we will do caulking to all the cracked places and other necessary areas.
  • Wood filling and puttying- For nail holes, dents and other minors dents and cracks, wood fillers and putty are applied. 
  • Detailed sanding- This step is done before the application of the paint finally.
  • Selecting paint and applying- Lastly, we will apply paint, and it will take some time for the color to dry before you can use the cabinet.

Count on Us in Scott for Your Cabinet Restoration, Paint Removal & Wallpaper Removal Service 

We are professional house painting contractors. We use premium paints with low to zero VOC (volatile organic compound) as other paints contain hazardous health chemicals and vapors. Our whole crew is trained and skilled to take up any challenges while doing their job.

Our other services also include interior painting, exterior painting, commercial painting and many more. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so make sure to call us at 501-830-4050 or contact us online to book your service now.

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